Monday, December 29, 2008

These are variations on the theme "winter". The penguin stamps are from a company called DenamiDesign. The snowman and some of the stickers are from a leftover sheet of winter stickers I had from a project that was finished over a year ago. The snowflake brads and ribbon are also left over from some long forgotten project.

I like them all to varying degrees but mostly, I enjoyed the time I had to make them. Time is such a luxury these days that it has been a joy to slow down and be able to enjoy my family and a bit of crafting, too.

This New Year's, rather than make a list of resolutions that rarely see the end of February, I have started a list of all I have to be thankful for--sort of Thanksgiving in Jarnuary.

Here is part of my list:

For the first time in about five years my mom was able to leave her nursing home and spend Christmas Day with my sister and brother (an ambulance transported her to and from). I was sad I wasn't there to take part in the day but am looking forward to seeing her during Spring break if we can find tickets in the budget.

My dad is doing great after bypass surgery this summer. I talked to him and his wife on Christmas Day and they both sound good.

I have a job I still find joy in after 15 years. There are definitely good days and bad days but as long as no one gets me started about No Child Left Behind I still think there is hope for my students and this country in general.

I've made some awesome blogging friends who have done so much to brighten 2008 with kind words of encouragement about things crafty and not-so crafty.

I wish you all a healthy and happy 2009!


kathleenh said...

Adorable cards Lori!

I love your idea of making a list for New Years of things to be thankful for. We could all benefit from making such a list.

Catherine said...

How cute are these!!! Great job! Love the penguins!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Adorable cards! I love penguins! I love your list of what you're thankful for! What a wonderful thing to do!!

Lori said...

What a cute collection of cards! Hope you and your family have a wonderful 2009!

Savitri said...

Cute cute!!!!

Oooh, so funny on the GC :)
Yes, must have been messed up. Glad you emailed me and told me :) Thanks so much!!! LOVE it!

Bouncy, Flouncy, Fun,Fun, Fun said...

Lori, these are so stinkin cute!