Saturday, July 26, 2008


Wow, it is amazing how fast time slips by when you are busy.

Since I last posted, my dad is going phenomenally well after a triple bypass in late June. He and his wife are coming here this weekend for a short visit then heading for their new home base in Indiana, where he'll start physical therapy. It looks like he's finally decided to retire at 70.

Husband, son and I spent 8 days in Florida visiting with first my sister and her family then over to Orlando to see the Mouse. I'll have things to post soon...I hope.

VBS is coming up quickly (the first full week of August) and I am working in the craft room again this year. Lots of fun with lots of work as well. All my crafting time is going to the 250 kids that are attending this year with the exception of next Friday, when I'll be attending the scrapbook convention being held in Valley Forge. I didn't sign up for any classes this year but will be fine if I can't get into anything...I'm sure I'll find something to do at the yummy vendor fair!

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Traveling with Technology

I am typing and posting from the PA Turnpike using my husband's laptop and wireless card. I think this may be being a bit too connected! We are heading to the Pocono Mountains to see my father and step-mom for the day. He works for a travel park company, moving from park to park across America doing major repair work on the facilities at each location. He was getting ready to head to Texas when he when to the local ER because of a high fever. He had been bitten by a tick a few weeks before and thought maybe Lyme disease. The doctors checked him out and when is blood pressure sky rocketed, they kept him for tests, including catheterizing his heart, which revealed three blocked arteries. He had surgery the following day. The doctor in charge told my dad that if he hadn't come in when he did, he'd probably be dead. He'll be in the area for the rest of the summer recovering from triple bi-pass surgery. I thank God for the opportunity to spend some time with my dad this summer and for my son to get to know him.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Independence Day weekend!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Summer Swap

I have had little to post in June but I hope that will change soon. I made these cards for a summer swap.
**Special credit goes to Stephanie C. for the flower embellishment**