Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bits and Pieces but not much crafting!

Hello All,

It has been a wild couple of weeks for me with little time for crafting :( One of my best friend's mother had a catastrophic stroke on the last Friday in January. She wasn't expected to live but I can say with a grateful heart that she is alive and very slowly improving--if you are of a heart, please add Marian to your prayer list.

School is starting to get a little manic...the all important testing season is nearly here so I've had extra work above and beyond teaching my classes and working on grades, which are due next Monday.

Toss into the mix a baby shower being held in my home next weekend for a dear friend from church and the regular running around having a seven year old boy brings although I must say Cub Scouts has been particularly active lately. We're heading to Trenton, NJ tonight for a minor league hockey game with his pack. (Hi Lori!! I'll think of you tonight at the game.). My son is really excited because they will let him play broom ball on the ice between periods.

The big crafting news for me is a seat at the COPIC Certification Course tomorrow in Long Branch, New Jersey!! I was a able to swing a seat for myself and my friend Donna. I can hardly wait!!

I hope you have a great weekend!!


Cathrine said...

Hi Lori!

Hope you had a blast at the Copic class. Tell us all about it.

AnnMarie said...

Hey Lori! You have been a busy girl!! Wanted to let you know I posted a few challenges over on the Ning site if you want to check them out! Hope you are doing well! Big hug!