Thursday, January 22, 2009

Copic 101

Thanks to my friend Donna letting me know about this class, I was able to participate and really enjoy myself at Sally Lynn MacDonald's Copic 101 Class held at Creative Inklings in Lahaska, PA. She traveled down from Connecticut to teach. We made the cards pictured and two more besides. She is teaching a Copic certification class in March but I doubt I will be able to get a seat...they let the enthusiasts like me in last. Oh, well....

*****Whining Alert******Whining Alert******Whining Alert******
This has been my first post in a bit because the 'flu saw fit to tear through 2/3 of my family. I'm praying it skips my son. My husband started out last Friday feeling blahh. He made it through the weekend and into work on Monday and Tuesday but relapsed and added a few nasty symptoms to his repitoire for Wednesday and today. I started Sunday night with fever, chills and a killer headache. I had off Monday, went in for 1/2 day on Tuesday and have been home Wednesday and today. I feel considerable better so will gladly go into work tomorrow.


Bonnie (eggette) said...

Oh Yikes! Sorry you are feeling so bad - that sucks! I hate being sick......usually because everyone has it and there is no one well enough to look after me!! lol!

Bouncy, Flouncy, Fun,Fun, Fun said...

Sorry to hear that you and hubby have been sick. I hope and pray it misses your son. The Copic class sounds like it was fun! I would love to take a Copics class.

Hugs to you,

Catherine said...

Sorry to hear that the flu has been working it's misery on you and your family, but I'm glad to hear that you are recovering!
How exciting to go to a Copic class! I wish I could find one nearby, as I need it!
Hugs for a great weekend!

kathleenh said...

These cards are beautiful! I'm sorry to hear about the flu in your family. Hopefully you're all over it now.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling better, hon! And I'm glad you enjoyed the class too. Hey, we're all 'enthusiasts', right? You'll never know unless you try!! :)

Sally Lynn