Saturday, July 11, 2009

Easing Back Into Posting

I have been easing back into spending time on the computer and crafting, which I have really missed these past few months. I am scheduled to have my left hand done (carpal tunnel and deQuervain's tendinitis) on the 31st of July but it really shouldn't be too bad as I know what to expect this time.

I have some stuff to post and will get to it later tonight. I have a leg of lamb in the oven that is in need of attention.


~Michelle~ said...

thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comments Lori! So glad you're feeling up to posting again! Good luck with your next surgery! HUGS!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Oh Lori! I'm such a bad blogger . . . I haven't been by for a while! I hope everything is going well with recovery and the next surgery! Take care!! I cannot imagine having to deal with so much all at once!!

Catherine said...

Take care, Lori! Hope your recover well from this one, and will be crafting and typing in pain-free style soon!