Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Quick Update

Just a quick update to say I'm still here, just not very crafty lately. I have been having problems with my hands and wrists for some time and finally gave in and saw a doctor about them who sent me to an orthopedic specialist. Long story short, I have arthritis (which I suspected), carpal tunnel, and to add insult to injury, tendinitis in both wrists. I had a EMG on Monday (what a strange test...reminded me of the feeling putting your tongue on a 9V battery produced as a kid) I go back to the ortho guy on Friday and will see what comes next.



Catherine said...

Wow, Lori! I hope they can do something to help! Hang in there and we'll be thinking of you!

~Michelle~ said...

oh bummer Lori! I hope you find some relief! My mom is starting to get that stuff too...sounds terrible! BIG HUGS!

Maria said...

Oh my gosh, Lori. I'm sorry for all your pain. I had tendenitis once and gosh, it was painful. I can imagine how much pain you are going through. HOpe you can find relief and be pain free!

Hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day!


ScrapMomOf2 said...

Oh Lori! Sounds awful! I hope that you're able to have the surgery, recover quickly, and feel much better!