Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Stamping Expo x2

Amid all of the craziness that has been going on in my life this past month, I managed to snag a couple of hours for two stamping expos that were within driving distance. The one in New Jersey was only about 25 minutes from home. I picked up several stamps and a few things to tool around with. I got a cute set from Darcie's that I have used already for a quick card but didn't have time to take picture of it before popping it in the mail for a birthday. You can find Darcie's on-line at: http://www.darcie.com/index.html

The other expo was up in Allentown. I grabbed a non-stamping friend and took an hour and a half drive to stamping heaven. I picked up a few Copics, EZ mount for the best price I've ever seen it for, and a plethora of stamps from Judith (http://www.stampsbyjudith.com/index.html) and by a designer named Nami Nakamua (http://denamidesign.com/) that are really cute!! I'm really looking forward to playing with all my new goodies!!


LadyDoc said...

"Plethora", huh? There speaks a teacher- with a great SAT word, lol!

I also bought a plethora of stamps although I did all my damage in NJ.

I've played with most of them but I'm still working my way through the last few. It's so much fun having new toys, isn't it?

ScrapMomOf2 said...

LOVE Judith! We've seen her and her daughter Heather at a couple of expos, and I could just stand there and watch them stamp FOREVER!! They're so creative! Sounds like you had FUN!

Alex said...

Oh you lucky duck, I love StampsbyJudith, but unfortunately for us in the UK not obtainable, and Denami designs are beautiful, well done to you, sounds like you had a fabulous time